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Areas of special strategic interest 2021–24

Stein Rokkan: A Man of Several Worlds - a biography by Arild Stubhaug

Areas of special strategic interest 2021–24

The 2021–24 Executive Committee (EC) has identified five areas of special interest for its term: academic freedom; equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI); climate change; membership; and Standing Groups and Research Networks.

The areas of membership and groups & networks look inwardly at ECPR’s structure, while the remaining three issues consider existential challenges for us and our community.


Our Members are at the core of everything we do; understanding their current and likely future needs so we can respond appropriately is vital to the organisation’s long-term relevance and success.

Groups and Networks

Our mission to advance political science is realised in large part through the activities and communities created by our Standing Groups and Research Networks; understanding how we can work together to meet this mission is imperative.

Academic freedom

The term ‘academic freedom’ is broad and encompasses a complex range of issues that are increasingly impacting individual scholars, their universities, and associations such as ECPR.

How should we navigate this uncertain and sometimes incendiary terrain?

Find out about our Working Group on Academic Freedom

Equality, diversity and inclusion

We have made significant strides in promoting and realising gender parity across all ECPR activities, but ‘equality, diversity and inclusion’ is not just gender alone.

What steps should we take now to address other areas of underrepresentation and disadvantage?

Find out about our Working Group on EDI

Climate change

Travel is an intrinsic part of academic life but the effects of this on the environment cannot be ignored.

To what extent can we consider and mitigate the impact of climate change through our work?

To take these agendas forward, the EC has created Working Groups for Academic Freedom and EDI, has established climate change as a standing item for consideration across all areas of practical work, and has invested in additional resource and activities to increase engagement and support of membership and Standing Groups and Research Networks.