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Working Group on Academic Freedom

Stein Rokkan: A Man of Several Worlds - a biography by Arild Stubhaug

Working Group on Academic Freedom

The ECPR Working Group on Academic Freedom was established by the ECPR Executive Committee in 2021, to implement a respectful, informed and transparent discussion on the issue of protecting and strengthening the academic freedom of scholars in political science and international relations.

ECPR considers academic freedom to be an essential principle of the academy. We believe that scholars should be free to carry out their work in all their research, publication and teaching activities, within universities and in every other professional environment, without the fear of discrimination, prosecution, political, ideological or economic interference.

To promote awareness and facilitate coordinated efforts to safeguard academic freedom, the Working Group has developed Guidelines on Academic Freedom.

Aims and objectives

The Working Group intends to protect and promote academic freedom by creating a platform for discussion and raising awareness within the whole ECPR scholarly community and beyond.

It aims at:

  • Launching an open and ongoing debate on the matter;
  • Involving scholars from across the discipline, both from within ECPR Member institutions as well as from non-member institutions;
  • Gathering in ideas and suggestions;
  • Promoting opportunities for discussion and reflection;
  • Learning what the ECPR can do to better protect and foster academic freedom.


  • Daniela Irrera Working Group Chair
  • David Farrell ECPR Chair
  • Hana Kubátová ECPR Executive Committee Member
  • Sabine Saurugger ECPR Executive Committee Member
  • Tanja Munro ECPR Director
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