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Mediterranean Politics and Society

Research Network

Established 2019 - Number of members: 125

Steering Committee Chair

  • Sarah Wolff (Queen Mary, University of London)

Steering Committee

  • Frédéric Volpi (University of Edinburgh)
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The ECPR Mediterranean Politics and Society Research Network (MEDNET) brings together a wide range of scholarly activities and events focusing on the Mediterranean region. It is a research network for academics from Europe, the Mediterranean region and the wider world. We promote the study of the contemporary Mediterranean world from a plurality of disciplinary fields, including politics, sociology, anthropology, economy, international relations, religious studies, and human geography.


The Research Network’ activities include: maintaining a register of researchers working on Mediterranean Politics, contributing to the activities of ECPR and acting as a network for scholars and young academics working on Mediterranean politics. Given our regional focus we intend to gather a wide range of academics. We define indeed the Mediterranean not only as those countries whose borders are partially or wholly defined by the sea itself, but as a space that bridges the continents of Europe, Africa and Asia. Our group will thus act as a bridge for scholars researching countries and populations in the broader European, African (North Africa and the Sahel), Middle Eastern (the Mashreq and the Gulf) and West Asian regions (Turkey and the Black Sea area).