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Except for the external venues specified, all conference sessions will be taking place at the Faculty of Arts Building, Comenius University, Gondova 2, Bratislava.

This schedule for the 5th EuroTLC is subject to change and should not be treated as final until notified otherwise. The times indicated are in Central European Summer Time (CEST).

Wednesday 15 June (Online Only)

Setup, log in and check connection
Inclusiveness and reconceptualization of teaching and learning 
Natalia Timus Diane Chapman

Inclusive global teachers for the 21st century 

Nikolaos (Nikos) Gkotsis Papaioannou 

Out of step: a critical approach to socially-oriented education, the 'symbiotic' academic environment, ownership & resilience 

Sofia Olšovská, Martina Kropuchová

Philosophy as a tool for teaching critical thinking

Theodore Chadjipadelis 

Teaching democracy with interactive learning methods: An innovative didactic approach in Greece

Innovative designs 
Jurema Luzia Ribeiro Pereira

Sharing the experience of a policymaker (external) in the context of a pre-agenda setting: A training about how to make and manage strategy business with Brasil from Costa Rica 

Mária Havelková

Why and how to teach about the justice gap and the role of the legal profession in improving access to justice

Kristína Kaňuchová 

Implementing constructive alignment and active learning in journalism education 

Dale Mineshima Lowe (Chair) 

Post-covid institutional changes / turns towards hybrid models of teaching & learning

Informal evening city tour

Thursday 16 June (In Person) 

Please note that all locations listed below are in the Faculty of Arts Building, Comenius University, Gondova 2, Bratislava.

Registration with pastries
Room: Atrium
Welcome and conference opening
Marián Zouhar Dean of Faculty of Arts, Comenius University in Bratislava
Room: Moyzes Hall
Keynote speech
Torgny Roxå Lund University

Join us to listen to one of the most inspirational speakers on learning and teaching, with a great sense of humour indeed!

Room: Moyzes Hall
Room: G236
Katarína Babinská 

Internationalization of a course on nutrition for medical students  

Ivana Balgová 

What is the use of sociological approach? Teaching sociology in non-sociology classroom

Peer learning in higher education
Room: G127
Tomasz Kamiński 

How to introduce peer learning during a diploma seminar?

Zuzana Bujačková  

The process of learning in heterogeneous groups 

Janka Výškrabková, Selim Kurgan Nikola Krkić

Perception of peer-learning based multilingual communication course from perspectives of teacher and students

Active learning methods 
Room: G140
Michael Augustín 

Teaching political science to business and economics students 

Javier Sierra Ángela Suárez- Collado  

Wealth and power: An online simulation to recreate five structures of international political economy

Lenka Hutárová Dominika Vešelényiová 

The importance of experiments and expeditions in the learning process 

Room: G236
Katarína Podušelová 

The impact of academic debate on improving students' critical thinking and argumentation 

Kristína Repová 

Interactive learning in international Pathophysiology course 

Michal Uhrin  

Teaching evolution in the classroom 

Demonstration of a learning method 
Room: Atrium
Lenka Vargová & Gabriela Pleschová 

Treasure hunt

Inclusiveness in the classroom
Room: G140
Mária Dudžáková 

Moving from gender-neutral to non-heteronormative teaching 

Niko Nagy 

From equality to equity – the path towards truly inclusive education 

SOTL and reflection
Room: G236
Terézia Guimard 

Innovative concepts and methods in French conversation classes 

Simona Bajáková 

Innovative teaching methods in higher-level language acquisition 

Paula Duarte Lopes 

From ‘a fish out of water’ to ‘bringing water to the sea’ 

Demonstration of a learning method
Room: G140
Dale Mineshima-Lowe Alistair Jones 

Come and be a student again … thinking about the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ of digital tech applications in our classes 

Hybrid session

Room: G127
Bohdan Szklarski  

Teaching (American) politics as a comparative project – converting cultural diversity into an asset 

Victoria A. Bauer 

Who applies for study abroad scholarships? An exploratory analysis 

Viera Lukáčová  

Experience of international university students during an educational process in Slovakia in comparison with the experience of Slovak students abroad 

A festive evening with music, certificate award ceremony and dinner
Room: Moyzes Hall and Atrium

Friday 17 June (In-Person)

Please note that all locations listed below is in the Faculty of Arts Building, Comenius University, Gondova 2, Bratislava.

SOTL and reflection
Room: G236
Petra Žaludová 

Using Nearpod and Kahoot in small group work

Silvia Lakatošová  

Innovative Nearpod activity and its impact on student learning and success in oral assessment 

Johan Adriansen, Patrick Bijsmans & Talisha Schilder 

Flexibility over stability? An exploration of curriculum flexibility across undergraduate programmes in European studies, international relations, and political science 

Demonstration of a learning method
Room: G127
Zuzana Sojková & Karin Nosková  

Opre Terne Roma Program: Aiming at and directly supporting Roma students 


Active learning methods and reflection
Room: G140
Silvia Hlavinková

From a challenge to a lesson: An introduction to the Challenge-Based Education methodology

Selim Yilmaz & Ximing Fan 

Mastering the socratic method for seminars in social sciences 

Peter Wedekind 

Higher education in an era of market triumphalism: The current state and future of a crucial institution at the heart of the meritocratic promise 

Active learning methods in law
Room: G208
Terézia Šveďová, Adam Köszegyi & Igor Hron

History of private law: Redesigning the course 

Feyza Basar 

Teaching negotiation skills to EU law students 

Laura Fotopulosová 

Academic debate as an effective learning method for law students? 

Active learning methods
Room: G236
Simona MullerováMiriam Kiselová  

Learning at LEAF Academy 

Simon Usherwood 

Visualisation for teaching

Anita Kéri 

Project-based learning among international and domestic students 

Room: G127
Attila Nagy 

Teaching EU studies in a post-conflict environment 

Pablo Nicolás Biderbost, Sofía ConreroGuillermo Boscán 

Teaching innovation for the development of competences for the internationalisation of higher education students in Political Science: experience from Argentina and Spain

Ángela Suárez-Collado 

What are the challenges to peace?  Understanding Middle East politics through active learning methodologies 


Room: G140
Pleschová Gabriela & Lucia Hlavatá

Collecting student feedback on teaching

Demonstration of a learning method 
Room: G127
Andrea Záhumenská 

Silent discussion 

Room: G236
Elisabeth Vergeiner 

Carousel learning with web tools and drama elements in online and face-to-face lessons


Garden party at BISLA 

Grosslingova 53