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Approved by the ECPR Executive Committee September 2017

ECPR Associate Members

Definition, rights and obligations

The Constitution of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) states that Membership to the Consortium is open to any European or non-European academic institution engaged in teaching, training and/or research in political science, interested in furthering the Objects of the ECPR (10.1.1a). The Objects of the ECPR (4.1-4.1.4) are defined as being to advance education and research for the public benefit by promoting the development of European political science.

By decision of the Executive Committee of the ECPR, in accordance with Clause 10.5 of the Constitution, institutions based outside of Europe may also apply to affiliate with the Consortium as non-voting Associate Members. The procedures set out in the ECPR Constitution for Admission (10.1.2), Transfer (10.2), Duty (10.3), Termination (10.4) and Fees (10.6) within the Constitution are similar for Associate Members. Associate Members pay a reduced annual membership fee, set annually by the Executive Committee.

Via their appointed Official Representative, Associate Members may attend the annual meeting of Council and receive all reporting pertaining to the performance of the Consortium, financial and otherwise, but they cannot vote and do not count towards the quorum of a Council meeting. In case the Official Representative of an Associate Member is unable to attend a Council Meeting, that Associate Member may appoint another affiliate to attend provided that the ECPR is informed at least one week prior to the Council Meeting.

Associate Members and their Affiliates enjoy the same benefits, rights and obligations as Members, with the following exceptions:

  1. Official Representatives cannot vote in Council Meetings.
  2. Affiliates of Associate Members cannot stand for elected office (Executive Committee, Speaker of Council) or for appointment to the position of ECPR Director.
  3. Affiliates of Associate Members cannot direct a Workshop at the Joint Sessions on their own (but can act as a Co-Director with a Member Affiliate).
  4. Affiliates of Associate Members cannot claim ECPR funding to support their attendance at any ECPR events.
  5. Affiliates of Associate Members are not eligible for nomination for some ECPR or ECPR-administered prizes (Mattei Dogan, Rudolf Wildenmann, Jean Blondel PhD, Gender & Politics PhD, Hans Daalder).

Institutions from outside of Europe may apply to become ECPR Members with full benefits and voting rights. For the avoidance of doubt, no institution based within Europe may apply to become an Associate Member.