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Celebrating 50 years of ECPR scholarship: All-journal virtual special issue

One of the first activities proposed by the ECPR’s founders was a European research journal; the EJPR (European Journal of Political Research) was duly launched in 1973, edited by Arend Lijphart. Over its time the EJPR has grown to encompass the Political Data Yearbook (PDY) and has developed into one of the leading journals of the discipline.

EJPR was followed by the ECPR’s professional journal EPS (European Political Science) and then a new, general research journal to complement EJPR, the EPSR (European Political Science Review). Meanwhile, our Standing Group on International Relations had established the EJIR (European Journal of International Relations) as a leading journal in that field.

Finally, PRX (Political Research Exchange) was launched in 2019 to publish Gold Open Access content, ensuring the ECPR’s journals portfolio was reflective of the research community, and of changes in scholarly communication more broadly.

To celebrate the role our journals have played in ECPR’s success, we asked the current editorial teams to reflect on their journal’s history and development, and to select a number of articles they felt were most representative of its output to date. We left the brief open, but the editors were encouraged to consider how the focus of the journal has developed, which articles have perhaps demonstrated certain milestones, or which have been particularly important or relevant to the state of the discipline at the time – and maybe still are.

All articles below are available to read (without subscription, where applicable) throughout the anniversary year via the publishers’ platforms.

European Journal of Political ResearchEuropean Journal of Political Research (EJPR)

Editorial team: Isabelle Engeli, Emiliano Grossmann, Sofia Vasilopoulou

Economic grievances and political protest Thomas Kurer, Silja Häusermann, Bruno Wüest, Matthias Enggist, February 2019

Electoral competition in Europe's new tripolar political space: Class voting for the left, centre‐right and radical right Daniel Oesch, Line Rennwald, January 2018

Controlling immigration? How regulations affect migration flows Marc Helbling, David Leblang, April 2018

Party convergence and vote switching: Explaining mainstream party decline across Europe Jae‐Jae Spoon, Heike Klüver, February 2019


Political Data YearbookPolitical Data Yearbook (PDY)

Editorial team: Alistair Clark, Thomas Mustillo and Maurits Meijers

Introduction to the first issue of the PDY

The current editorial team’s introduction to the 2018 data

UK Political data 2016: b/o Brexit referendum

USA Political data 2016: Trump election

Hungary political data 2010: Orban election

France 2005 data: EU constitution referendum

European Political Science ReviewEuropean Political Science Review (EPSR)

Editorial team: Carlos Closa, Catherine Moury and Matt Qvortrup

Taking ideas and discourse seriously: explaining change through discursive institutionalism as the fourth ‘new institutionalism Vivien A. Schmidt, March 2010

Transcending or Descending? European Integration in Times of Crisis Zoe Lefkofridi and Philippe C. Schmitter, February 2015

What unites the voter bases of populist parties? Comparing the electorates of 15 populist parties Matthijs Rooduijn, August 2018

Political Research ExchangePolitical Research Exchange (PRX)

Editorial team: Simona Guerra and Alexandra Segerberg

Whose ideas are worth spreading? The representation of women and ethnic groups in TED talks Carsten Schwemmer, Sebastian Jungkunz, September 2019

The battle of Bruges: Margaret Thatcher, the foreign office and the unravelling of British European policy Oliver Daddow Christopher Gifford & Ben Wellings, July 2019



European Political ScienceEuropean Political Science (EPS)

Editorial team: Alasdair Blair, Fiona Buckley, Ekaterina Rashkova and Daniel Stockemer

Institutions for Adaptation to Climate Change: Comparing National Adaptation Strategies in Europe by Catrien Termeer, Robbert Biesbroek and Margo van de Brink, June 2011

Academic Heavy-Weights: the ‘Relevance’ of Political Science Journals Thomas Plümper, February 2007

Implementing Problem-Based Learning in Politics John Craig and Sarah Hale, May 2008

Immigration Policies in Comparison (IMPIC) dataset Helbling et al, 2017

European Journal of International RelationsEuropean Journal of International Relations (EJIR)

Editorial team: Geoffrey Underhill, Ursula Daxecker, Annette Freyberg-Inan, Lee Seymour and Darshan Vigneswaran

Mainstreaming Gender in Global Governance Emilie Hafner-Burton, Mark A Pollack, September 2002

Reconstituting the Global Political Domain: Issues, Actors and Practices John Gerard Ruggie, December 2004

Making Sense of Global Civil Society Jens Bartelson, September 2006

Agents or Trustees? International Courts in Their Political Context Karen J. Alter, March 2008

Theory is dead, long live theory: The End of the Great Debates and the rise of eclecticism in IR David Lake, September 2013

EJIR articles selected by Mary Farrell and Maurizio Carbone, ECPR Executive Committee